Dr Cabot Has A Chat With Rossco About COVID-19

Wearing masks and maintaining a healthy weight are key strategies in protecting us against COVID-19.

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ROSSCO: Here on this Wellness Wednesday. As always, and promised to fulfill our promises. Dr Sandra Cabot, good morning.

DR CABOT: Good morning, Rossco.

ROSSCO: Alrighty. Now we can get a little bit of excitement because there’s the words that our borders will be released. How optimistic can we be about that?

DR CABOT: This virus isn’t going to go away, Rossco.


DR CABOT: It’s going to hang around forever. Going to become endemic and part of our community, part of our environment, just like AIDS did, just like hepatitis did. These viruses, they don’t go away.


DR CABOT: We need to learn to live with it. We can’t let it ruin our lives, but we need to take precautions. And there was a good study published in “The Lancet” this week. Wearing a mask in crowded places and even supermarkets and gas stations and on the subway, is good because it will reduce your risk of getting it by about 70%. So that’s good. I think when we have these little outbreaks, which we will have maybe for 12 months. Well, by wearing the mask in those places, we are reducing the amount of virus we could be exposed to. And also wearing gloves in the supermarket and the gas station, particularly if you’re a person who’s got an underlying weak immune system. And of course, if you’re a smoker, well, good luck!

The other thing is, keep your immune system strong. We have a lot of evidence to show that that can make a difference. The people who tend to die with this virus are the ones who are really run down, haven’t been taken care of themselves. Or just eating a lot of sugar and allow themselves to get really overweight. Now we’ve got a really good book on that called “I Can’t Lose Weight… and I don’t know why?” It’s a good book.

ROSSCO: That is a great book!

DR CABOT: It is a great book!

ROSSCO: While we’re here, what is the website people can ring?

DR CABOT: Look, if people want to go to cabothealth.com.au. But there’s also another website, sandracabot.com. Just sandracabot.com. And that’s got a lot of really good articles and podcasts. It’s really interesting stuff, where I’m talking with my naturopath, who’s encyclopedic in her knowledge. She’s brilliant! And people can listen and they can email us, because knowledge is power. You really need that knowledge now to look after yourself. A vaccine, and that’s in the never-never. And we don’t even know if it’s going to work. A lot of them are experimental. The antiviral drugs, well, they haven’t been proven to be bulletproof. It’s up to us. The good old common sense, wearing the mask and the gloves when you’re out and about in crowded places, it’s good. And building up your immune system. Just eating right. That’s really important. Making sure you’re getting plenty of citrus fruit, taking a vitamin D, taking a selenium. The most important mineral to fight a virus is selenium. And those things make a big difference because this virus is here. It’s staying. They even had on the TV last night that there’s another swine flu virus, the H1N1. It’s a flu virus and the pigs are passing it to the humans but the humans aren’t getting sick. But all it takes is a mutation and BANG! The virus can then jump from people to people, like it has done with this SARS virus, the coronavirus. So, these things are with us. Don’t be scared. Get smart,

ROSSCO: Right. Exactly right.

DR CABOT: Hey, that’d be a good name for T shirt, wouldn’t it?

ROSSCO: Yeah, yeah, yes. What a great idea! Let’s start that one. All right. We’ll see how it goes over the week. Dr Sandra Cabot, we love you and we thank you.

DR CABOT: Pleasure.