Thank you to Dr Cabot & Margaret !

I had Bronchitis as a child, shortness of breath most of my life, admitted to Camden 1988 for severe asthma. Diagnosed with C.O.P.D and used Ventolin frequently and a course of Spereva in 2012. G.P’s Blood tests were focused on organ functions. Dr Sandra Cabot’s blood tests showed severe vitamin B deficiency amongst other problems. Dr. Cabot’s Naturopath, Margaret Jasinska altered my diet, sorted supplements and I have gone from asthmatic, low O2 absorption, low energy, Ventolin dependence to almost Ventolin free, able to walk 7km daily stress free, mowing lawns and an active life that I had given up on.

I have also lost 12kg in 12 months and kept it off. I was having steroid needles in my right knee every 8 months as  couldn’t sleep without discomfort. Was told “nothing left in there”. Now I am walking every day with very little pain 7 months from last shot. I have also reversed fatty liver. I’m happy.

I am enjoying life thanks to their professionalism.

Graham Winner