An Advocate Of The Liver Cleansing Diet

This is the second time I have done Sandra’s diet. The first time was over 25 years ago! I had great results then, so I thought I would try it to bring my cholesterol levels down. Apparently, it is hereditary for me.

Well, I am living proof that we don’t have to lie down and take it just because we inherited it. After doing the cleanse and taking the supplements religiously, my results are as follows:

I turn 70 in October. I am Australian but I live in Glasgow UK. I lost 10 kg in as many weeks. Am now well inside the healthy BMI range. Doctor thought I had gout but, after the diet, my urate levels came back normal.

  • Cholesterol is 5.6 (down from 7.2)
  • Good cholesterol is 1.8 (up from 1.6)
  • Triglyceride level is 1.6 (down from 4.5)

Please thank Dr Cabot for me and thanks for your help.

I will probably do the cleanse once a year from now on. Meanwhile, I have committed to living by the basic principles laid out in Sandra’s book (I only have access to the old copy but it’s good enough for me!).

I have always been an advocate of the Liver Cleansing Diet and, with these results, I have become a beacon of light in the UK. Many people have asked me about it, including my doctor, practice nurses and various dieticians.

Keep up the good work. The world needs you. If I was twenty years younger, I would start a Liver Cleansing Clinic!

All the best,
Jennifer Jones