Success story – Weight Loss Detective Program

As a long-term devotee of Dr Cabot’s supplements, I recently signed up for a one month membership to The Weight Loss Detective. I was very lucky to work with naturopath and weight loss detective Margaret Jasinska over one month.

I am insulin resistant, overweight around my middle and was putting up with low energy levels and fatigue along with other peri-menopause symptoms. I signed up to Weight Loss Detective as a last resort because I felt I had tried everything.

I thought that weight loss for me looked like very low carb, very low-calorie meals however Margaret helped me to discover that this was basically starving myself and putting my body under more stress. Her advice over two Zoom sessions has been invaluable to me. I have now incorporated intermittent fasting with regular exercise, and I eat two big meals a day which keeps me satiated and I have lost almost 5 kgs. My energy levels have improved which is a huge thing for me because I felt so exhausted all the time, it is noticeable how much energy I have now.

I am going to continue with the protocol that Margaret has taught me because I have finally found a method of eating that fits well with my lifestyle and that my body seems to thrive on.

Thank you so much, Margaret & Dr Cabot. I am so grateful for your wisdom and knowledge around women’s bodies.

Anne M, Administration Officer, Armidale NSW