Case Study – 4-Year-Old Boy With Autism

Dr Sandra Cabot chats to Sonia, the mother of a 4-year-old boy named Jett, who has an autism diagnosis. Jett is Dr Cabot’s patient and she has made changes to his diet and prescribed mineral supplements. Sonia noticed improvements in Jett’s behaviour within 4 weeks of starting on supplements. The biggest change being fewer meltdowns, as well as better focus and improved speech.

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DR CABOT: Hello. My name is Dr Sandra Cabot and I’m joined today by a lovely lady called Sonia, who visited me today with her 4-year-old son called Jett. Hi, Sonia.

SONIA: Hi, doctor.

DR CABOT: So, we’d like to share something really positive with you today about her son Jett, who will be turning 5 in a few months. I first saw Sonia with her son in November 2020, and it’s now March 2021. And Jett was officially diagnosed with autism. Wasn’t he, Sonia?

SONIA: Yes, that’s correct.

DR CABOT: And he was having problems. He had been diagnosed with ADHD, so he wasn’t focusing. He was a little bit overactive.


DR CABOT: Yes. And his speech was delayed.

SONIA: Speech delayed. Jett would have constant meltdowns, as well.

DR CABOT: Yes. Like temper tantrums.

SONIA: Temper tantrums. And he just… he pretty much wouldn’t do as asked.

DR CABOT: Yes. Okay. And so, what we did is we looked at this diet and we reduced gluten and sugar. And gave him more protein. And we gave him some simple supplements in liquid form that would help his brain to function more efficiently, so that he could focus and be calmer. And in particular, we used liquid drops of minerals called selenium, iodine, zinc. And he had those in a smoothie?

SONIA: That’s correct.

DR CABOT: Yes. And he was already on fish oil.

SONIA: He was ready on fish oil. He had been on that for probably almost twelve months.

DR CABOT: Yes. And we also gave him magnesium, which is a calming mineral for children. And we also gave him an amino acid tyrosine in a powder form. And that helps concentration.

So, we started those supplements around four months ago. And, Sonia, what have you noticed?

SONIA: I’ve noticed Jett is a lot more focused. His level of understanding has increased a lot. So he’s receptive is really, really good. He has more speech at the moment. He says all his ABC, he can count to 100.

DR CABOT: 100!


DR CABOT: That’s good!

SONIA: Yep. He sings all the nursery rhymes you can possibly think of.


SONIA: Yeah. And he’s a lot more focused during his therapy sessions with his speech therapist. Even at his preschool, they’ve noticed Jett is… their words were, “He’s a change child”.

DR CABOT: And how long did it take to see the improvement?

SONIA: I would say I saw them probably four weeks after I started giving Jett all the supplements. I started noticing Jett coming out of his world and kind of more in our world. More focused and just his level of understanding has just increased.

DR CABOT: So, the autistic tendencies of being cut off and living in his own world, they have diminished a lot.

SONIA: Honestly, I could say 100%.

DR CABOT: That’s great!

SONIA: Yeah.

DR CABOT: And he’s calmer?

SONIA: A lot more calmer. He’s just… I don’t notice any more meltdowns. Instead of his meltdowns, he might have a little, a little cry, but don’t all children?


SONIA: But just not meltdowns.

DR CABOT: So, simple things can make a profound difference. And they’re non-toxic. They’re safe and natural. So, even though he was having what you would think is a good diet. Perhaps he wasn’t eating enough. Perhaps he had food intolerances to gluten. And he was having a little bit too much sugar. Perhaps he wasn’t absorbing the minerals from his diet. And so, we’ve added the simple minerals of selenium, iodine and zinc and magnesium. And they have really helped his brain chemistry and his immune system. So, we’ve reduced inflammation in the brain. So, a lot of children with ADHD and autism have too much brain information. So, you’ve got to help their immune system. Also, the tyrosine powders helped him. So, we’re going to continue those supplements, because otherwise, he would probably will go back. And we’re going to monitor him and you’re overall very pleased, Sonia.

SONIA: I am so pleased. And I have shared this with so many people, especially people who have noticed a change in Jett. And they’ve asked me, am I doing anything different? And I tell them, “Yes! Jett’s on these new vitamins and new supplements. And they really, really do work.”

DR CABOT: Yes, they do work. Well, you’ve done a very good job, giving them to him.

SONIA: It’s all thanks to you, doctor.

DR CABOT: Yeah. So, that’s a nice story to share for parents out there whose children are having behavioral problems or autistic tendencies. That nutritional medicine really does work.

SONIA: I agree.

DR CABOT: Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

SONIA: Thank you so much!

DR CABOT: And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at