COVID-19 And Keeping Your Immune System Strong

Dr Sandra Cabot talks to Rossco about COVID-19 and what we can do to protect ourselves against it. She talks about how we build antibodies and how we can support our immune system with important vitamins and minerals to give us the best chance of recovering if we do catch the virus.

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ROSSCO: Okay. It is the Wednesday, “Wednesday Wellness Day”, which means folks. Drum roll! Dr Sandra Cabot. Hello.

DR CABOT: Hello Rossco! And hello everyone! And I hope you’re all surviving in the lockdown. Just seems to have gone on forever now. All the new developments with the COVID pandemic and the vaccination of people. But some new data is coming out, which is really interesting, Rossco. About the fact that people who have been vaccinated, they have just as much virus in their body as people who are not vaccinated.

ROSSCO: We’ve got trillions.

DR CABOT: Yeah, but this is the load of the COVID virus, the corona SARS-2 viruses. It’s just as much in their body. So, obviously, vaccination is not really helping to reduce the amount of virus in the body. We know that people are less likely to get seriously ill, if they’ve been vaccinated. But there’s still a lot of limitations. It doesn’t stop a vaccinated person from spreading the disease. And it’s also possible that the more people who are vaccinated, then the more dangerous the virus becomes to the unvaccinated because they think it may promote mutation. So, there’s a lot of big question marks here about we don’t have the perfect vaccine. We don’t know how long the vaccine is going to last. This is a virus that really is good at mutating. It’s good at changing its genetic material so that it can outsmart our immune system and it can outsmart the vaccine. It’s a smart virus. It’s not going to go away and it will keep mutating. So, we always go back to the same old basis of keeping your own immune system strong. Keeping your own defences strong. That is the key.

ROSSCO: And I think, in some cases, why people do get the flu, do get viruses, do get things, it’s because they are not taking care of the basic needs of our body.

DR CABOT: Well, everybody will get this virus eventually and go and hide in a cupboard in your house. But then that’s going to kill you, too. So, it’s everywhere. And this is incredible. There’s only 6% of people in England don’t have antibody against SARS-CoV-2. 94% of people have antibodies. So, most people have contacted herd immunity is growing. This virus, the delta variant, is so infectious, it’s so transmissible. People are getting exposed. And most people, of course, don’t get seriously ill. But people who have contacted the virus obviously have to let their doctor know and they have to observe their symptoms. And there’s one thing that I often tell people about, which is a great little device called a pulse oximeter. And this is particularly good for people who have weak lungs. You know about it, Rossco?

ROSSCO: Is that the one you put on your finger?

DR CABOT: Yeah. Yeah. Pulse oximeter. And it tells you the saturation of oxygen in your blood. People who have got the COVID, they got symptoms of the COVID, and they’ve been tested positive or even if they haven’t had time to be tested. If they have a pulse oximeter, they can measure the oxygen concentration in their blood and they can see any trends. If that oxygen’s going down, then that is a bad sign. Because sometimes people can get short of breath without having any symptoms. That their lung function can deteriorate without them having real obvious gasping, more increasing respiratory rate. It’s a silent type of hypoxia. And that’s where the pulse oximeter is very good. They’re great little gadgets. I mean, they’re not bulletproof. But in my book on COVID – I have a book called “Corona and Other Dangerous Viruses” – it tells you how to use the pulse oximeter. And it tells you how to protect yourself, too. And one thing that we always talk about to the fault of being repetitively boring, probably, is the mineral selenium. But they’re studies that show that viruses will mutate more readily into are selenium deficient. If we want to try and reduce the ability of them to mutate into more dangerous form. Well, it needs a host to mutate. It needs to be inside a human cell, doesn’t it?


DR CABOT: …to mutate. And if that cell is selenium-deficient, they’re more likely to do it.

ROSSCO: Why isn’t that front page of every newspaper?

DR CABOT: Selenium should be. And so should zinc. And so should vitamin D. People need to learn how to protect themselves and their local immunity is very important. What I mean by that is, how strong is their mucus membranes in their body to protect against the virus? And how healthy are the mucus membranes? And how good is their cellular immunity? Their own cells, which will fight the virus without antibody. The antibodies come from the vaccination. They come from exposure that occurs naturally to the virus. But we still need all the other parts of our immune system, ourselves and our mucus membranes. So, to have that healthy, we need vitamin C. We need to be eating citrus fruit, getting freshly-squeezed lemon. We need to be keeping our vitamin D up. We need our zinc. We need our vitamin A that comes from the orange-colored fruits and vegetables and cod liver oil. Things like that. Good old-fashioned things…

ROSSCO: Hey, listen! Listen doctor!

DR CABOT: …that really have a scientific basis.

ROSSCO: Can I just say? Due to our conversations and things when people say, “What about this? What about this?” I actually do the squeezed lemons, squeezed grapefruit, squeezed lime. I have the three of them and I have them together. Is it possible that, or is it psychologically, that it makes me feel better?

DR CABOT: It’s not psychological because vitamin C is a powerful immune-booster. It’s an antioxidant. And of course, your adrenal glands need vitamin C. If you analyze the different organs in the body, the nutritional content or the nutrient content of each organ is very different. It’s very specific because Mother Nature is so smart, it tells the cells in the organs, “You better accumulate this nutrient to protect yourself”. For example, your adrenal glands have more vitamin C than any other part of your body. Because your adrenal glands are a survival gland.

ROSSCO: Right!!!

DR CABOT: That vitamin C protects your adrenals. And your adrenals make the cortisone…

ROSSCO: The cortisone!!!

DR CABOT: …which will save your life in a serious infection.

ROSSCO: Yeah, that’s right! That’s what the adrenals do.

DR CABOT: Mother Nature is incredibly smart. We’ve gone out of touch with it.

ROSSCO: Can’t take it for granted. It is wonderful. Doctor, again, I’m glad that we got to talk about this one here. We do work with the medicines. There’s the ones of the pharmaceuticals.

DR CABOT: I mean, a lot of people are taking that antiparasite medication ivermectin, at the moment. It’s very controversial. Some of the institutions, like the FDA and the TGA, don’t recommend it. They say there’s not enough evidence. But there’s other doctors who really say there’s a lot of evidence. So, people are very confused. That’s why I wrote a book on “Corona and Other Dangerous Viruses”. Because I like to give people the facts. People aren’t stupid. They can make up their own mind. And it’s always good to speak to your own doctor, of course. Because everyone’s an individual.


DR CABOT: But let’s use this opportunity to educate ourselves about the most important thing in our life, which is our health. And the most important part of our health is our immune system.

ROSSCO: Right! And now they want to do it to our 12-year-olds and under, their immune system.

DR CABOT: They want to vaccinate younger people and that’s another very polarizing subject. A lot of people, that’s the last thing they will want. And other people are pro. So, that’s why I say to people, “Talk to your own doctor” because it’s a complicated issue. Till I always say, then I always will. Notwithstanding whether you’re vaccinated or not or whether you believe it or not, you need to do things for your immune system. We’re in a pandemic. You need to take this opportunity to strengthen your immune system. Not only will it help to prevent serious infections. It’ll reduce inflammation, it’ll slow down aging and it’ll reduce your risk of cancer.

ROSSCO: Give me a break!

DR CABOT: Now, that’s a good investment, isn’t it?

ROSSCO: What more can I say? Yeah, I know what we will say. As we say every week – Dr Sandra Cabot, we love you. And thank you again. We’ll talk again on Wellness Wednesday of next week. Bye.

DR CABOT: Yes! Okay. Bye Rossco and have a great week, everyone! Until we talk to you next week!