Gum Disease And Your Memory

A study published in the journal Science Advances discovered that bacteria found in gum disease were linked to Alzheimer’s dementia. Another study found that people with chronic gum disease for 10 years or more, had a 70 percent higher risk of Alzheimer’s than those without gum disease.

One type of bacteria which causes gum disease named Porphyromonas gingivalis, was identified in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Toxic protease enzymes from this bacterium called gingipains were also identified in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.

Dental hygiene can protect your brain so regular brushing and flossing are vital. Swilling freshly made ozone water around your mouth and gums is effective to reduce gum infections from all types of bacteria. You can also swill with a 3 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Mix two parts water with one-part of 3% hydrogen peroxide and swish the solution all around the mouth and gums for 5 minutes. Spit the solution out.

Foods high in vitamin C as well as vitamin C supplements can reduce gum disease. The supplement N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is excellent to reduce dental plaque and other biofilms which cause these gum and dental infections to persist.

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