HCG Diet Really Works And Surprised Me

I am 62 years old, I had 2 children in my 20’s and easily lost the baby weight, so I never had a weight problem. I had another child at 37 and even though I only put on 12 kgs, I came out of the hospital the same weight that I went in. Since then I have tried every diet around and would lose about 2-3 kgs in 6 weeks, then I would lose motivation and give up. This type of yo-yo dieting went on for years and slowly the weight kept creeping up. I even went to the gym, hired a personal trainer and kept a food diary for her to check and worked my butt off, only to lose 4 kgs in 4 months.

I heard that the Dr Sandra Cabot Weight Loss Clinic in Camden was introducing the HCG diet to their patients, so I couldn’t wait to start. I did some research on it and it made sense. I thought, what have I got to lose except some weight and knew that Dr Cabot would not put her name to anything unless it worked and it was totally safe. I was a bit hesitant, thinking I wouldn’t be able to maintain the diet, eating only 500 calories a day because I was hypoglycemic and hated the symptoms I would get if I had low sugar, and to not eat breakfast actually freaked me out. I found my nutritionist at the clinic was very comforting and reassuring, and to my amazement, I did not get a sugar low at any time.

In the first week, the drops made me nauseous and I was advised to eat a portion of my fruit for breakfast which helped. I have a husband and I mind 5 grandchildren before and after school, so I am constantly feeding them, but surprisingly, I was not tempted even one little bit, to eat their meals. I planned my meals for the day and did not find it hard at all to stay focused and motivated. I wasn’t even tempted during the Christmas and New year holidays!  The HCG drops were amazing. I would not have believed how much will power it gave me. I can’t really say I was even hungry, and was very surprised I wasn’t struggling and starving like on other diets.

The best motivation of all to keep going and not to give up was the daily weight loss. Every morning, I looked forward to getting up and weighing and measuring myself. Of course, there were days when I’d be disappointed as I did not lose any weight, then in the next day or two, the weight loss would even itself out. I should say, this diet has been worked out precisely and you must follow it to the letter if you want to lose the weight and keep it off. I have done 2 rounds. The first round I did for 3 weeks and lost a staggeringly unbelievable 9 kgs. I was so excited and didn’t follow the maintenance diet which is equally, if not more important, than the HCG diet itself.  The second time around, I was determined to do it right, as everything I was told about the HCG diet worked so I figured the maintenance plan would work too.

Even now, two months after finishing the diet, and eating normally, I have maintained my lost weight within 1-1.5 kilos and am very pleased. My hypoglycemia has gone, I am not insulin resistant anymore and my cholesterol has gone down. I know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, I can still have my dessert on special occasions and I don’t feel deprived at all. In fact, I feel strong and in control. I feel and look younger, I’m more energetic and so much more confident.

The HCG diet really surprised me! It really works and is not as hard as it seems. You definitely don’t feel hungry, I was continually inspired and motivated by the weight loss and the centimetres melting away. I was actually not very confident that the HCG diet would work, but it proved me wrong. Those HCG drops are the miracle. You do have to follow the diet precisely, but without the HCG drops, you would fail.

Kathleen G