My HCG Diet Success Story

I am a great sceptic of diets. I have tried them all but always came back to sit around the same weight. My name is Emily, I am 29 and have fought with my weight my entire life. I look back on photos, to even before my teens, and I was a big girl.

After turning 29 last year, I decided I wasn’t going to be a fatty when I turned 30. I wanted to be smoking hot! Just before Christmas of 2012, I started going to the gym religiously with my best friend. She pushed me beyond my boundaries of comfort and I loved every minute of it, to the point I was at the gym 5-6 times a week for an hour, an hour PT session, and 3-4 hour-long boot camps a week. However, nothing was changing. I was eating right and training my butt off and I started to lose hope. I came to settle on the fact that I was meant to be a big girl. By June nothing had changed, weight was heavier, although I had gained muscle, nothing changed. My clothes were getting tighter and I couldn’t understand why.

Then my mum started seeing Dr Cabot at the Pambula Clinic and she brought home these brochures which really made me think. I was ticking all these boxes in the booklet. So as soon as I got home, I just went straight online and had a little more of a look into it, where I came across the HCG diet, and I booked in with the nutritionist at the Cabot Clinic that very day. I WISH I had found this earlier!!!! WOW!

I was extremely nervous when I went in for my first appointment. I had all these blood tests done and other than being deficient in vitamin D, nothing was wrong with me. Even my thyroid was fine. I organised starting the course of HCG around a few social events which I didn’t want to miss, but starting this has been the best thing I have ever done.

The loading days (day 1 and 2) EASY! I went home to my mums and ate all her delicious cooking! The first few days after that… Oh my god! I thought I was going to die! The headaches and adapting to the small portions of foods and limited variety; the detoxing was the worst part of it all. But then, all of a sudden I was under 110 kgs, then by the end of week 3, I was down to 99 kgs. So I did what any crazy woman would do and extended it another 3 weeks. Week 4 it slowed a lot, but I am now about to start maintenance at just under 94 kgs. I have dropped 12 cm off of my waist, 10 cm off of my hips, 15 cm around my belly and 7 cm from each thigh. All my friends are amazed. I am learning so much about how much my body reacts to foods. I have noticed that some foods will slow my weight loss and others speed it up and that is just with the limited list we have to follow. I came across a tea called Olive Leaf Green Tea at my local tea shop. It is my godsend! Love it!!

My friends think it’s hilarious that everywhere I go I take packed lunches and snacks. But you know what? How good do I feel slipping into smaller jeans and fitting into things I thought I never would make it all sooo worth it. I even made myself separate food for my Dad’s 60th and managed to not snack on the cheeses and damper dip and I only drank water; but I can tell you, I cannot wait to have a little slice of cheese!!!

Once I finish this and get some other events out of the way, I intend on doing another course of it to get to my goal. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

Emily T,
East Maitland