Talking Blood Clots With Rossco

Dr Cabot tells us what we can do to keep our blood vessels healthy.

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ROSSCO: Here it is, as promised, you beautiful people. It is Thursday. Oh, no, it’s Wednesday. Wellness Wednesday. And of course, I’ve got the wonderful Dr Sandra Cabot on here.

Hello and good morning, Doctor.

DR CABOT: Good morning, Rossco.

ROSSCO: I’ll take a little bit of a lead here because some information’s come through. You never know where we’re going with everybody having a guess. Particularly with the virus that brought everybody to their knees. The Italians have examined bodies and they are saying that the COVID-19, it’s not a virus, but it’s a bacterium and it’s causing clotting. And they found that the only solution for it is people taking aspirin. 100 mg of aspirin. Is that yet, another guess? Is that yet, another possibility? Is it yet, what?

DR CABOT: Well, it is a virus, and often you get a secondary bacterial infection showing up. So, they’re wrong in saying it’s a bacteria. It’s a virus, but later on, you can get a bacteria. And yes, this SARS-CoV-2 virus can cause clotting because it can attack the lining of the blood vessels. And that area of the blood vessels, the inner lining inside the artery, inner lining called the endothelium. And when the virus attacks that, it damages it. And the endothelial cells give a message to the body to form blood clots. And those clots occur in tiny arteries and they are very, very dangerous. So, what happens, is the circulation to the little air sacs in the lungs stop. So the blood can’t pick up the oxygen from the air sacs, so the person will die from lack of oxygen.

Now, aspirin is a wonderful drug. And of course, it came from a herb originally. It came from the white willow bark.


DR CABOT: And it’s a very good drug and a lot of people take it every day, anyway, to keep their blood, to reduce the risk of clots and strokes. So that’s not a bad thing. But to keep your blood vessels healthy all the time, will definitely reduce your risk of dying from this virus.

Now, one thing really interesting, Rossco, is what keeps our arteries open so that the blood can flow freely is something called nitric oxide. Have you heard of that?

ROSSCO: I’ve heard of it, but I wouldn’t know what it was.

DR CABOT: Yeah, well, it’s actually a gas that you can breathe, but it’s formed in the body naturally and it’s vital for life. So nitric oxide, we want to have plenty of that in our arteries. Very important for men, because without nitric oxide, they can’t perform sexually.

So, how do we get plenty of nitric oxide in our body? Do you know, Rossco?

ROSSCO: Selenium?


ROSSCO: I use selenium for everything. Magnesium!

DR CABOT: Well, that helps the circulation. No, it’s interesting. But we need to eat foods high in nitrate and our body will turn them into nitric oxide. So those foods are the Bugs Bunny foods. Lots of green leafy. So salads, lots of green leafy things like kale, spinach, parsley, rocket, endive. All the green leafy stuff. And also beetroot. Beetroot’s got more nitrates than anything. So, beetroot is a wonder food. So, if we eat plenty of beetroot, like grated beetroot or coleslaw beetroot or roasted beetroot, or we can even juice it with leafy greens, we’ll not only be more likely to survive the coronavirus, we’ll be better in the bedroom.

And so, it’s very important to keep those blood vessels healthy because this virus, it attacks the body in many ways, not just the lungs. It can attack the lungs but it attacks the blood vessels and it causes clots to form, which block the arteries. So, you need plenty of vitamin C. So, lots of citrus, fruits and taking a vitamin C supplement and having the nitrates in your diet. And of course, never forget selenium, the great protector, because it reduces the ability of the virus to mutate or replicate.

ROSSCO: Right! And also, we would be talking about vitamin D, zinc as well. We talk about it a lot.

DR CABOT: We’re saving millions of lives, Rossco. Let’s face it.

ROSSCO: Exactly right! That’s why this segment is so listened to. And not only here in Australia, not only in the Penrith and the Camden and all of those areas, but New Zealand and overseas, as well. It’s an amazing…

DR CABOT: Well, I’ll have my book on viruses coming out in about a month.

ROSSCO: Right!


ROSSCO: Oh! Fantastic! Again, Doctor. I actually surprised Doctor without notice that I wanted to talk about the thing that was happening in Italy and different resources. And of course, Doctor knows everything.

Dr Sandra Cabot, we all love you and thank you once again.

DR CABOT: Thank you, Rossco!