HCG And Cabot – The Weight Loss Detectives Helped Me To Change My Life For The Good

Hi Weight Loss Detectives,

How are you?  I am doing well. I received my latest blood test results back today and am extremely impressed (so was my doctor).

Before the HCG diet, I was on a downward spiral with my health and nutrition. My cholesterol was out of balance with HDL being 1.4 and my LDL being 3.4  also my triglycerides 2.4 which was all elevated for my 36 yrs. My weight was just shy of 119 kg’s although I am 188cm’s tall I was obese.

After the HCG diet, I was approximately 96.7 kg’s with a massive 22.3kg’s weight loss in just 35 days. My cholesterol is now on the way back to normal already showing great improvement with my LDL cholesterol lowering from 3.4 to 1.8 and now my triglycerides are 0.7.  All my bloods have improved dramatically in such a positive way. I now have so much energy and have gained a wealth of knowledge about health and especially nutrition from my consults with you.

I have also got so many dreams and ambitions which through your motivation and support I now know I will achieve whereas previously I couldn’t have.

Thank you Cabot Clinic, you have helped change my life for the good.

Sam B, NSW