I Found My Way With HCG – One Woman’s Journey

On the brink of giving up ever losing weight, it was so easy once I was introduced to the HCG diet weight loss program; after years of letting my weight creep up, and now, to my bewilderment, the fact that I didn’t seem to care I had put on almost 20 kilograms, it was time to lose it!

My divorce came through and I was left with the physical legacy of those years of unhappiness.  I was at work feeling very emotional, relieved the relationship was over, but my weight gain was depressing me to the point I didn’t even want to get into a swimming pool.  The thought of being exposed like that didn’t sit well so I spoke to my work colleagues and they recommended seeing a nutritionist.

I called the Cabot Weight Loss Detectives and after telling my story to one of their consultants we became determined that we were doing this. “We’re doing this, Lisa – you and the Weight Loss Team at Cabot,” was literally the first thing that came out of my consultant’s mouth; the obvious determination and strength behind her words to help me regain my fitness again was infectious.

After talking over the different protocols the Clinic uses to achieve weight loss, the emphasis being on whole foods and eliminating some foods I thought were healthy for me – oops, even my butt came into it, I had to “get my butt moving,” the consultant said.  This diet calls for changes in not only the way one eats, but the times one sleeps and, in my case, there were aspects of my life that we would have to modify as it was found to be contributing to my inability to be the best that I could be.

It was also about finding a physical activity that I liked to do that would become a part of my working week; I am really not the exercising type, given I shied away from exercise in general so, the HCG diet was suggested. The HCG program is one that only Medical Doctors can suggest and discuss because, ultimately, it requires a doctor’s prescription to acquire the meds. “The HCG diet is the fastest way to lose weight, that I have ever seen”, my consultant said. “You lose half a kilo day, it’s the norm to lose 3 kilograms per week.  Would you be interested in that?”  Adding, “But trust me, if you stick with the program, you will learn to love, if not become slightly addicted to, exercise at some point.”

A part of me didn’t believe it, 3 kilograms a week, but I was at a standstill and I needed help so I decided to go ahead with the HCG program; after the diet was explained to me, I knew it was going to be hard but it felt like it was my last hope.

My first day on the HCG diet wasn’t too bad, I lost 1.1 kilograms in 1 day and was over the moon, the next day was even better, I lost 1.9 kilograms in 1 day.  In the first 2 days, I had lost 3 kilograms – in the first week of the diet I had lost 6.9 kilograms, it was an amazing feeling to get up in the morning and see these results every day.

At times, I did struggle with not being able to look forward to a nice meal or going out for dinner with family or friends; I was warned it was a bit tough on my social life for 3 weeks, but I was determined and my Cabot Consultant’s drive to see my results also kept me motivated. I didn’t even go to my best friend’s birthday dinner because I was scared I was not going to be strong enough to resist having a bit of garlic bread or a bite of pizza!

I can’t say my journey was easy but I can say it was worth it, in 6 weeks I lost 15.7 kilograms and it will never ever be coming back.

Lisa, a very satisfied client from NSW