I Would Highly Recommend The HCG Diet

I was always at a normal weight even after having 5 children. I had a mild breakdown then got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  I was placed on medication for that which ended up taking a long time to stabilise and get the right combination.  I also stopped smoking at the same time.  I then noticed that my weight started going up and over the next 15 years it just went up and down.  I was told that due to the medication, I was not able to do anything about it.  I had gained about 30 kgs in total, developed a fatty liver and was in a bad way.  I planned to do the liver cleansing diet and I said to my husband that I needed to see the Doctor that wrote the diet as I was not able to just do it, I needed advice due to the medication that I was taking and the restrictions on the diet.

I made an appointment with Dr Cabot and she placed me on a gluten-free diet and gave me a prescription for the HCG drops and gave me information to contact a nutritionist, at her clinic. I jumped the gun and had the prescription filled before reading all the material about the diet, and thank goodness the script was going to take a few days to be filled so I went home read all the information and then realised that I should have gone to the nutritionist first!  I sent an email explaining everything, and the consultant was very nice and said all was okay, we can continue on, I made an appointment with the consultant and I have not looked back.


I started my diet in May and finished taking the HCG injections as the clinic changed me onto them in October and I have lost 27.5 kg I lost the weight a lot slower than most because of my medication.  It was explained to me that so much medication would have contributed greatly to my fatty liver, hindering weight loss.  It was good to hear a reason for my inability to lose weight, the weight-loss detectives (as they are known) had reasons for my past hurdles and gave me an understanding of how my body works which enabled me to trust in what I was doing and continue on with such a strong mind-set.

So, normally, on HCG I could have lost much more weight by this stage, but I was happy!!  Before meeting Dr Cabot’s Weight Loss Clinic consultants, I could not lose any weight at all.

I have lost what I wanted to lose I’m in the healthy BMI of 24, although that was something else I learned at the Cabot Clinic, Body Mass Index or BMI was actually set up by an insurance company, its actually not the best way to measure one’s health.

I now weigh 65kg!  I have not weighed that since I was in my late 20’s, I’m 53 now and I sleep better, my blood work is the best it has been in years, blood pressure is normal,  my Rheumatologist is very happy with all my results, and so is my GP – her comments are “keep doing whatever you are doing- can I contact your Nutritionist?”.

More great news was to find out that my liver enzymes had gone down from 113 to 35.

I have energy that I have not had for years and I have stopped snoring.  I would recommend the HCG diet program to anyone that is wanting to lose weight; it is hard work as you are limited in the food you can eat but you never, ever hungry!

Very happy,
Katy ACT