Love your gut products!

Just letting you know how good I’ve been feeling since taking your gut health products. For nearly 6yrs I’ve had difficulty with being able to swallow  food due to oesophagus stricture & having a large hiatus hernia & bouts of diverticulitis due to so much inflammation in there. Taking all the medications I was prescribed did nothing for it maybe made it worse I think. Anyway I have followed your recommended food intakes as well & have even lost 4 kilos which I was unable to do before. Eating & keeping food down is such a blessing as going out I had to ask for doggy bag to take home as it was too embarrassing to try & eat it in front of others to rush off to ladies.

Thank you so much. I’ve been a great believer & follower in Dr Sandra Cabot for years. Love your books. I may order 2 of the autoimmune ones to give my friends. I am 80yrs young. So I feel I have a second lease of life
Thanks again xx