I Lost 23 Kilos!

I was a size 22 and wanted to lose weight and get healthier so I went on the QuickLoss program - and I lost 23 kilos! My energy level went up and this allowed me to add walking into my daily program. The QuickLoss meal replacement shake was satisfying and I wasn't hungry. I replaced two meals each day with these delicious shakes.

My Wife Has Lost 18 Kilos!

This is a fantastic achievement and has changed her outlook on life and her attitude. She can now participate in family walks and bike rides. More importantly though, her taste buds have changed and she now only seems to crave foods that are good for her, so it seems this change will have a lasting effect.

I Lost 11 Kilos!

I am a lady in my late 40's and realise that the risk of having health problems as I get older, is increased because of being overweight. I decided to give Sandra Cabot's QuickLoss Meal Replacement a try. I am delighted to say that I have had a steady weight loss, and have now lost 11 kilograms.


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